Do you plan a wedding and still do not have the right place for your wedding reception?


We have been on the market for 20 years, this fact and the experience gained by us puts us in the position of professionals, who will give you the right advice and help your unique day to organize the last detail without unnecessary worries and stress. wedding guests? All this under one roof is offered by hotel MERKÚR.


Table layout / capacity


Wedding room allows two alternatives to sit / layout tables. Round tables capacitively up to 120 persons. Straight Tables / Capacity Boards up to 130 people. Clients mostly make wedding arrangements individually through arranger services. The standard, provided by the hotel are chair covers, tablecloths and decorative table skirts.



Eating / choosing a wedding menu


We offer our clients a wide range of dishes that can be part of the wedding menu. We also offer a variety of options to serve as a buffet, without any restrictions on the choice of meals or the quantity itself. Each time the basic menu is increased, the client gets various benefits in the form of certain services (eg chocolate fountain, fruit table preparation, accommodation discount etc.).


The benefits of the wedding room


Directly from the wedding room is the entrance to a garden terrace with a capacity of 70 people. The terrace is elevated and offers unparalleled views of the water surface of Zemplínska Šírava. At the time of the wedding banquet, it is closed to the general public and is available for wedding guests. It is a convenient place to place a tapping device (kofola, beer) where guests choose their own. The garden terrace is completely covered and therefore the worse weather is no obstacle.



The benefits, we provide to our clients


* Various discounts and benefits for accommodation or services at each increase in wedding menu consumption.



* GRATIS technical, lockable room equipped with refrigerators, bathroom, which serves clients to store personal things, clients have it available from FRI-SUN.



* The possibility of consuming your own alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages free of charge.



* The possibility of delivering own raw materials to certain foods for which only preparation is charged



* All meals, that are not consumed at the wedding reception will be packed on Sunday morning after the wedding reception



* Upon agreement with the client, the remaining meal can be served on Sunday through a wedding family lunch or breakfast for the wedding guests.

Hotel MERKÚR, Medvedia Hora, 072 36 KALUŽA, phone: +421 56 649 2379

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