Operating rules

This "Operating Rules" regulates the provision of accommodation, helping to ensure the necessary quality of additional services, their organization and control.



1. Device characteristics

1.1 Hotel Mercur is a hotel where temporary accommodation and related services are provided on the basis of written confirmation orders, respectively. contracts.

1.2 In the case of free capacities, the applicant for accommodation provides temporary accommodation and related services for direct payment in cash.

1.3 In accordance with the categorization of accommodation facilities and the classification features of Decree of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic no. 277/2008 Coll. the device was categorized as "HOTEL ***".

1.4 All exceptions to the operating rules may only be granted by the lead equipment.



2. General information

2.1. The hotel is marked on the main entrance and the upper part of the building and is accessible to guests for 24 hours. From 22:00 (evening) - 06:00 h (morning), the main entrance is locked.

2.2 Unoccupied guests may not be accommodated in the accommodation.

2.3 At each departure from the accommodation facility guests are required to hand over the keys at the reception.

2.4 In the interests of good orientation, the various traffic areas are marked with information signs indicating the direction.

2.5 Inventory of kitchen can not be rented to guests.

2.6 There is a strict ban on entering the kitchen and all other hotel staff who do not work in the kitchen.

2.7 In the rooms guests are not allowed to use their own electric, gas - portable appliances. This limitation does not apply to the use of electrical appliances installed in the room or portable electrical appliances serving the guest's personal hygiene (shaving machine, hair dryers, etc.). The hotel does not take responsibility for any damage to the guest's electrical appliances due to fluctuations or outages.

2.8 The device manager is responsible for ensuring smooth operation and immediate removal of all operating faults.

2.9 The hotel serves only temporary accommodation. Permanent stay is not permitted.

2.10 Smoking is not permitted in the dining room and in the common room.

2.11 In the event of damage to the hotel or equipment of the hotel, report it to the building manager or the operation manager and settle it.

3. Accommodation and accommodation of guests "Accommodation rules"
Hotel guests and hotel guests accept the accommodation as a condition of the stay during the entire stay or visit the Mercury Hotel. The hotel is also available at the Mercur Hotel's reception ('the hotel').
3.1 The hotel can accommodate only the guest who has booked and confirmed the services of the accommodation or has a contractual relationship at the place of accommodation or is connected to the accommodation. For this purpose, he will present his / her identity card, passport or other valid identity card to the hotel reception staff upon arrival. The registration of aliens' residence is governed by a special legal regulation. The hotel ensures the protection of personal data hosted under the Privacy Act.
3.2 The receptionist immediately sends the guest key to the guest system immediately after checking the identification and registration into the reservation system. The guest keeps this key until the end of the stay. Loss of the key is subject to a special rate.
3.3 Guests are welcome to check in from 14:00 hrs, in exceptional cases before, if agreed in advance, or this allows the current situation on the arrival of the guest.
3.4 Reservation of rooms based on the reservation and reception of the hotel confirmed accommodation is the guest room reserved on the arrival day until 18:00 unless otherwise agreed in advance. If the guest does not arrive at the time, the room will be available for free use of the hotel. Cancellation fees are subject to a separate hotel policy.
3.5 The guest is obliged to check out the stay and to release the room no later than 10:00 am, unless the departure time has been agreed otherwise. After 10:00. the hotel has the right to charge a fee according to a predetermined agreement.

3.6 The client is obliged to report any deficiencies, discrepancies or reservations at the hotel's reception desk as soon as they arrive in the room and after they have been found. He is also required to proceed if he finds any damage to the room or his inventory. In the event that the hotel finds damage to the room or its inventory after the client's stay without the client's attention being drawn to the reception of the hotel, the client is obliged to compensate the hotel for damage to the room or its inventory in full.
3.7 If a guest requests an extension of the accommodation, the hotel may offer him another room at a price other than the one in which he was originally accommodated. In this case, the guest is not entitled to accommodation in the room where he or she was originally accommodated, nor to accommodation in another room of the hotel unless the hotel's capacities or operational reasons are possible. Upon prolongation of the stay, the Reception Officer is entitled to request payment of the amount for accommodation already provided and other services.
3.8 Guests are charged for accommodation and hotel services provided upon arrival on the confirmed order, unless agreed otherwise with the manager. If the order is not confirmed, the hotel charges prices according to the valid price list available at the reception. Prices may be changed by the hotel if the guest requests another category of room and other services as confirmed in the order. In this case the prices are valid in accordance with the valid hotel price list. This is without prejudice to payment terms on the basis of accommodation agreements.
3.9 The price list for temporary accommodation and other services can be viewed at the hotel reception.
3.10 For safety reasons, children under 10 years of age may not be left without the supervision of an adult in the room and other rooms of the hotel. In the event of an accident or other unforeseen circumstances, the person with whom the child is registered is responsible for the child.
3.11 Pets are allowed only if they have agreed with the manager in advance and the owner demonstrates their innocuous state of health and will abide by all veterinary and hygienic regulations during their stay. Animals are forbidden to enter and stay in areas where stored food, prepared or served meals and beverages and in the wellness center are prohibited. It is not allowed to keep the animals in the hotel premises (including the hotel room) unattended by the guest (owner or escort). Animals may not lie on the bed or on other facilities that serve the guest's rest. It is not allowed to use a shower or wash basin. The person accompanying the animal bears responsibility for any damage caused by the animal's property. For pet accommodation, the hotel charges a nightly charge according to the valid pricelist.

3.12 Smoking is allowed only in the reserved rooms of the hotel! A fee of 50 Eur is charged for breaking the ban.
3.13 Alcoholic beverages are only permitted in hotel premises only for persons over 18 years of age.
3.14 The staff of the accommodation is entitled to refuse to sell or to dispose of an alcoholic beverage to persons under the age of 18 and to persons with obvious alcohol or other narcotics.
3.15 Hotel staff are not allowed to provide any information about the guests accommodated to third parties (except for police officers after their legitimation and proof of justification to request such information) or to permit a third guest visit without his / her consent.
3.16 Hotel guests are welcome to receive guests' visits. In the room where the guest is accommodated, he / she can receive visits during the hours of 8:00 am. until 22:00.only with the consent of the responsible worker who is entitled to request from the visit an identification document - a citizen's card, passport.
3.17 If a visit stays in the room unusually for a long time (more than two hours), the receptionist is empowered to require payment for accommodation according to the valid price list.
3.18 In justified cases, the receptionist is not allowed to visit the room.
3.19 From 22.00. until 06.00. guests are required to observe the night room. Only after the agreement of the responsible employee or management is it possible to organize social events even after 22:00, in the premises designated for this purpose.
3.20 A guest is required to act in such a way as to prevent damage to property and property.
3.21 The accommodation facility recommends that the guest have a locked door in the room. Before opening the door to foreigners, they check the reason for their entry into the room and, in case of doubt, contact the reception immediately.
3.22 The hotel is not responsible for possible disagreements or conflicts between guests / visitors of the hotel, but within the scope of lawful choices it will take the necessary measures to ensure order and peace in accommodation and other hotel premises.

3.23 In the rooms guests are not allowed to use their own electric, gas - portable appliances. This limitation does not apply to the use of electrical appliances installed in the room or portable electrical appliances serving the guest's personal hygiene (shaving machine, hair dryers, etc.). The hotel does not take responsibility for any damage to the guest's electrical appliances due to fluctuations or outages.

3.24 In the room or throughout the premises of the hotel, the client may not transfer equipment, make modifications and any interference with the electrical network or other installation without permission. Guests are strictly forbidden to use the wellness center (swimming pools, saunas) under the influence of alcohol and psychotropic substances. A client who suffers from cardiovascular diseases or, has any medical or other illness, as a result of which the stay in the pool, respectively. in the sauna can worsen his health or endanger his life, he can use the sauna facility, resp. wellness centers at their own risk and responsibility. Every visitor is required to follow the order of the wellness center.
3.25 The hotel is not responsible for forgotten and lost property in the hotel premises.
3.26 The hotel is not responsible for any damage caused to guests outside the hotel.
3.27 From the safety point of view, the guest is obliged to respect the designation of the door intended only for hotel staff.
3.28 For safety reasons, the guest is not entitled to carry a gun and ammunition at the hotel's premises, or to keep the weapon and ammunition in a condition allowing them to be used immediately.

3.29 The hotel strictly forbids the use, possession, manufacture or possession of narcotic or psychotropic substances or poisons, unless it is a medicinal product the use of which has been prescribed by a doctor.
3.30 Items found are sent to the address of the accommodated guest only upon his / her request. Items found are stored in the hotel for up to six months.
3.31 The guest is obliged to close the faucet, turn off the lights in the room and the adjacent rooms, turn off the electrical appliances in the room, close the balcony doors and windows, close the front door and take the KEY to the hotel reception.
3.32 The hotel guest, or his / her visit or escort, is required to follow the fire order of the hotel, which is displayed on each floor.
3.33 The hotel corridors are equipped with fire detectors and sensors that trigger an immediate fire evacuation alarm. Abuse or damage to a fire detector, fire extinguishers and hydrants, manipulation or hiding of a fire detector, the hotel has the right to charge at a special rate.
3.34 The guest is responsible for damages caused to the property of the hotel according to the valid legislation of the Slovak Republic.
3.35 The amount of the penalty for damage to property or breach of the security rules will be decided by the hotel management, taking into account the amount of damage.
3.36 Guests are required to comply with the provisions of this booking code. In case of violation, the hotel has the right to withdraw from the contract for the provision of the accommodation service before the expiry of the agreed time.
3.37 Guests' complaints and possible suggestions for improvement of the hotel's activities are accepted by the responsible receptionist, resp. hotel management. Claims are resolved by the Complaint Rules published at the hotel reception.

4. Cleaning and maintenance

4.1 The guest agrees that during the entire duration of the rental of the accommodation, he or she has the right to enter into his room the poor, the caretaker or other authorized hotel staff. If he wants to prevent it, he will show off the "DO NOT" card from the outside of his door. This does not apply if entry is necessary if the urgency of resolving the situation (eg threat of crash, violation of accommodation conditions, especially if the other guests are interfering, etc.).

4.1 The waste bin will be emptied when the guest unloads a full basket at the door of his room to show the need for emptying. Chubby after the emptying basket returns to the doors in the corridor.



5. Space heating

5.1 The heating of the premises and the hot water heating are provided by the central hotel boiler with central heating.



6. Services

6.1 The guest is placed in the room by the reception staff and is notified of the "operating order" in the facility.

6.2 Before the guest leaves the room, check the completeness of the inventory and its condition in terms of damage or alienation so that action can be taken in the event of damages.

6.3 Telephone service is provided by the Receptionist at a charge, with a telephone number. The telephone call is paid by the participant at the reception desk.

6.4 The reception provides additional sales:

- toiletries and sanitary supplies,

- postcards and souvenirs,

- night sales of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages,

6.5. The staff at the reception can rent a hair dryer, iron, party games.

6.6 The reception staff sells free bed capacity according to the valid price list

6.7 Reception upon request will provide emergency medical assistance and transportation to the hospital.


7. Fire Protection

Every guest and hotel employee is required to:

7.1 To be held responsible for not causing a fire, explosion, or otherwise endangering the health or the lives of their cohabitants and causing no damage to the property and property of the hotel.

7.2 Being instructed on the location and use of fire-fighting equipment in the establishment and handling of open fire and flammable liquids handling at hotel premises.

7.3 Notify the hotel manager, resp. service at the reception of any malfunctions that could endanger the fire safety of the accommodation. Depending on their capabilities and capabilities, every guest is required to participate in the removal of the identified faults and defects.

7.4 Ensure that the hotel's premises are free of fire when leaving, switched off lights, switched off electrical appliances, clean ashtrays, and waste dumps from waste bins.

7.5 Use electrical appliances only in accordance with the operating instructions.

7.6. When a fire is detected, it shall be extinguished if it is not possible to call the assistance as set out in the fire alarm guidelines.

7.7 Provide personal assistance to the fire-fighting unit during fire-fighting and localization and follow the instructions of the intervention commander.

Guests and visitors are required to comply with the prohibitions:

7.8 Expand the fire near the hotel in places not designated.

7.9 Smoking in areas where smoking is prohibited. Cigars from cigarettes throw into rubbish baskets in rooms and floor coverings.

7.10 Stay combustible and explosive material in the hotel premises.

7.11 Use fault-free electrical wiring, direct heaters of safety washers, repair fuses and interfere with electrical cabinets.

7.12 Dry clothing or linen on electric appliances designed for heating.

7.13 Use electrical appliances for other purposes than specified.

8. Right to claim defects in goods and services

8.1 If the consumer discovers that the dishes, beverages and goods sold or the accommodation provided, related services have a defect, has the right to complain. Defects of food and beverages intended for immediate consumption are claimed by the consumer during their consumption, directly with the operator, who shall immediately inform the head of the establishment or his authorized representative of the complaint.

8.2 If food and drink defects relate to quantity and weight, they must be claimed before commencement of consumption. The consumer must apply the claim due to the quality and temperature of the food and drink immediately after tasting. If there is a defect in the purchased item, the consumer has the right to claim this at the time of withdrawal or in the warranty period.

8.3 If the consumer discovers that the accommodation service provided to him has a defect, he must exercise his right at the head of the facility or the manager without undue delay, otherwise his right shall cease to exist.

8.4 Food defects and beverages are considered irreparable. The consumer has the right to request the exchange or refund of the price paid.

8.5 If the consumer exercises the right to be liable for defects or services, the head of the hotel or his / her appointed staff member is obliged, after expert judgment, to decide on the claim immediately. If a complaint can be rectified immediately or the device manager does not consider it to be justified, the consumer is required to write a complaint complaint. The record shall show the exact service denomination and the time it was provided, the defects and the request for complaint handling. The consumer gets the copy.

8.6 If this is a complex case, the Lead Manager must decide on the claim within three days. Until this time, the time required for a professional assessment of the defect is not counted. However, the claim may not be longer than 30 days. If the consumer is not satisfied with the complaint, he can exercise his right in court.



9 Final provision

Every guest is required to familiarize himself / herself with the operating order of the facility and adhere to it.






This order has been approved by the management of Hotel Mercury and will take effect on 01.09.2016